Saturday, 18 August 2012

The Beauty Buzz

T-h-e -B-e-a-u-t-y -B-u-z-z

Dita Von Teese Art Deco Cosmetics
..Launches across the UK in Debenhams this week!

Some of the great products on offer.....
“I’ve always loved the way a vibrant splash of color makes the face come alive. In my ARTDECO range, I wanted to include some of my favorite ways to wear bold lipcolors. Of course, I included my favorite classic red, “Muse Red”. But I also created “Maitresse” which is a deep ruby red, a color that evokes the image of the femme fatale. “Parlez-Vous” is a bright orange-toned red that looks beautiful with my “Vermillion” Lip Liner, my favorite red for a springtime afternoon. “Bon Bon” is a shocking matte orange that I love in the summertime, poolside, in the tropics, or anytime as a fun alternative to traditional red. Next we have two beautiful deep pink shades. I love wearing “Demoiselle” and “Follies Pink” over a rich base of “Dame” Lip Liner, it’s a very sophisticated and glamorous way to wear pink. I insisted on a soft matte texture, because matte lips are always chic, very wearable, plus these matte shades remind me of velvety rose petals. I hope you enjoy these colors as much I do!” Dita Von Teese
Lip Liner: 06 Vermillion, 10 Dame, 15 Fatale.
Lip Lacquer in 28 Chinois.
Art Couture Lipstick Velvet: 607 Bon Bon, 615 Muse Red, 620 Parlez-Vous, 628 Maitresse, 637 Follies Pink, 645 Demoiselle.

Blusher: 09 Ingenue, 20 Ivresse, 22 Paramour, 31 Starlet Pink
Compact Powder: 1 Face Fatale

“For glamorous eyes, I begin with an ivory, white or pale toned eyeshadow over the entire lid and browbone with a flat brush, leaving the crease bare. Next I use a more pointed, full shadow brush to emphasize the crease with a pale beige, taupe, grey shadow. For a very dramatic look, I use a black shadow in the crease with a very defined line drawn just where the lid meets the crease. Alternating between the ivory-dusted flat brush and the contour shade, blend well. For extra glamour in the evening, the final touch is to use a sparkling white at the browbone and the pale lid.” Dita Von Teese.

The eye shadows are divided into two groups, glamour shades with shimmer: 300 night porter, 369 opulence, 370 wisp, 371 spotlight, 374 gilded lily, 375 plush.
And matt shades: 503 veuve noir, 512 von fleece, 520 brunesque, 524 mink, 530 sepia, 554 petticoat.

Eye Styler in Minuit, Art Couture Lash Volumizer mascara in Raven, Gel Eye Liner in Nocturnelle, lashes 37 and 39.

“In the 1930s and 40s, leaving the half moon natural was the epitome of beauty and elegance. It’s a little-known retro detail that I’ve been wearing on my nails for many years, and it has now become modern and chic.” Dita Von Teese
Ceramic Nail Laquer: 10 Dragon Lady Red, 19 Demoiselle Pink, 25 Femme Fatale, 180 Moonlight


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