Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Glossy Box: August

The International Superstar box

- 6 Best selling Products from around the globe

In the Box:
. Alessandro (Germany) - Pro White
. DHC (Japan) Deep Cleansing Oil
.The Vera Valentia palette (from Spain)
.Lipcote (from the UK)
.Broadway Nails (USA) imPress Press-On Manicure
.Glossybox Lipstick in Glossy Pink

First Impressions

The August Box is my most hated Glossy Box so far.
Things started off badly when I opened the box.... the info card was missing. Annoying yes, but I could find out about the products online so that wasn't too bad. Then I noticed the seal on my box had been broken and when I looked inside it was covered in filthy dust. Yuk! Then I noticed the palette included had a damaged box! After this even the best products couldn't have pleased me, but this selection is truly awful. I want to know if these are best selling products who's buying them?
In terms of the products the only two I can really use is the cleansing oil, which is a good size for me to travel with and the lipcote. But would I spend £12.99 on these two? No I would not.
The worst product is the green eyeshadow palette, it reminds me of those play makeup sets you had for children in the 80s, or something from Kath & Kim! I don't think I could even give this away. The nail stuff I'm sure is alright if you like nail stuff but it specifically says on my beauty profile NO NAIL samples, yet every month there they are. Other people get nail free boxes why can't I. The lipstick too I'm sure would be fine but I don't wear shades like this.
After discovering the poor and damaged condition of my box I contacted Glossy Box and asked if I sent the box back could I have a replacement or a refund. Because really why should I pay for a dirty damaged box, with the risk that it has already been opened. Someone did get back to me quite quickly asking if I could send photos, which I did. And the next day I was told I could have a replacement palette.... that I don't even want. Considering the overall damage and condition of the box I really should have been offered a full refund or a replacement. Tut Tut Glossy Box. After this I'm thinking of cancelling my subscription.....

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