Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Lux Box: The Tale Of The Bad Beauty Box

A few months ago (August to be precise) I ordered the special edition Lux Box. I had not heard much from this beauty box company and thought I'd jump right in with their special edition box, with the intention of following up with a regular subscription. The boxes were set to be released early September but when it got to mid October I started to get worried and contacted the company. It took five emails and three weeks before I got one reply. I was informed that the boxes has been sent out early September but a lot of people had actually not been sent one. I thought this was really unprofessional, if the company knew it had not sent boxes they should have contacted buyers or offered a refund, I also think my email should have been addressed earlier on the matter. I was assured a new box would be one the way within the week. After another two weeks and no sign of a box I contacted the company again. Yet again it took sending a few emails before I got a reply. I was told this box must have "gone missing" in the post and another would be sent out that day. When another week and a half past and there was still no box, I emailed the company again and requested a refund if they could not supply the box. I sent four or five such emails before I got a response that another box would be sent and I was issued with a tracking number that according to Royal Mail was not even valid. Eventually I had to take it up with the fraud department at the bank and as soon as I did the box miraculously materialized  At that point I would have just been happy with a refund, it shouldn't take over three months and twenty emails to get what you have paid for. This has to be the WORST beauty box company on the market and I would advise others to stay clear from ordering their products.

This is what I received in the Special Edition Box

.Sensatinelle Flicktips
.Eldora False Eyelashes
.Green People Eco Eye Trio
.Balance Me Woner Eye Cream
.The Rosebud Perfume Co Mocha Rose Tube
.Delicious Teeth Tooth Cleanser
.Steam Cream

Seem as this was a "Limited Edition" box costing £20 plus P+P there isn't anything special about it. Although the box contains 7 items as opposed to the standard beauty box 5 I don't think it is worth double the price of there usual box. After doing some research I learnt that all the products included were used before in previous boxes, and I suspect due to overstock ended up in this box which would more would more aptly be called "the left overs box". To advertise it as a special box different from the standard Lux Box is really false advertising. It just seems they wanted more money from stuff they couldn't get rid of in the first place. In terms of the quality of products I wouldn't say they were particularly luxurious, and out of the seven I could only use four. All  three eye products will be something I will be reselling as I have no interest in them. I would have been more excited by the Balance Me Eye Cream, but this is about the sixth one I've received and I'm pretty sick of seeing Balance Me products. I've never tried any products from The Rosebud Perfume Co so will be interested to try the lip balm, although another lip balm isn't something that I need. The tooth paste is a bit of a weird addition to the box, I can't say I would have wanted this but tooth paste is always something that you use so I will try this out. The only product I was truly excited about was the Steamcream. This is a product I've wanted to try for a really long time. Plus this tin is limited edition  and has a really cute fifties style poodle design.

Based on the products Lux Box doesn't appeal to me, but even if I had loved them I would have unsubscribed due to the dishonesty of the company. I hope other people do not have to experience the same customer service as I did.

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